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Live in the Light

Say the word house to yourself. Now say the word home. The words feel different, don’t they?

A house is a roof over your head, but a home is so much more. To me, home is a very special word. It indicates a place of belonging, a place of love, a place of safety, a place of sacrifice, and a place of peace.


I want my family to always feel this way, and for their favorite place to be their home. I also wish for every visitor to my home to know they will be met with kindness, understanding, listening ears, fun, good food, safety, comfort, warmth, and hospitality.

To be all these things, my home must shine brightly within and without, truly welcoming and embracing all that come to it.

I love music. It soothes my soul, and enlightens my mind. I know five songs about light that remind me of how I can make my house a home and my home a heaven on earth:

  1. Like a Lighthouse, by Michael Webb

         Chorus: Like a lighthouse standing bold against the gray,

        Shining through the night to warn of dangers in our way.

        Like a lighthouse built on solid stone,

       Shedding light on weary seaman who have drifted far from home.


 To help make their home a sacred place, families must stand together in righteousness. They must be courageous and have integrity. They must build their foundation on the Lord, Jesus Christ. If they do this, then as the world becomes more and more wicked, and as Satan continues to tempt and to deceive, the people in these homes will be able to withstand the storms of life, and endure together. If a member of a family does stray from his foundation, then the home he came from will be there to help him find his way back.

Should my children ever leave their solid foundation, I will continue to love them, pray for them, and reach out to them. I will never abandon my family, and my home will always be open to them.

  1. Candle on the Water, by Al Kasha and Joel Hirschhorn

         Partial verse: A cold and friendless tide has found you
Don’t let the stormy darkness pull you down
I’ll paint a ray of hope around you
Circling in the air
Lighted by a prayer

 This song is also about a lighthouse, but is worth mentioning because the words hope and prayer are such essential characteristics of a sacred home. Families should never give up on each other. They should always hope for the well-being and safety of all. Each member of the family should be able to feel that hope, and also the hope that comes from the atonement of Jesus Christ.

If I raise my children well, they will know that no matter what mistakes they make, or struggles they endure, Jesus Christ is their friend and advocate. Through Him, they may be made clean or whole again. We will be there for each other to bear testimony, and to offer encouragement and love.


Everyone has heard the term that “families that pray together, stay together.” I have seen in my own life the power that comes from prayer, personally, as spouses, and as a family. I have seen changes of heart, and great miracles.

  1. Teach Me to Walk in the Light, by Clara McMaster
  1.  (Child) Teach me to walk in the light of his love;

      Teach me to pray to my Father above;

      Teach me to know of the things that are right;

     Teach me, teach me to walk in the light.

  1. (Parent) Come, little child, and together we’ll learn

      Of his commandments, that we may return

      Home to his presence, to live in his sight

     Always, always to walk in the light.

  1. (Both) Father in Heaven, we thank thee this day

     For loving guidance to show us the way.

    Grateful, we praise thee with songs of delight!

    Gladly, gladly we’ll walk in the light.

This is a song that I grew up singing in church, and it always touches my heart. A child asks her parents to teach her to pray, choose the right ways, and to feel God’s love for her. A parent replies and says that they will learn together. If they follow the commandments, they will return to live with Him again. In the final verse, they pray to Heavenly Father and thank Him for His guidance. They willingly pledge to walk in His light.

For a home to be filled with light, the members of that home must follow the light of Christ. As parents, we have a responsibility to teach our children in light and truth. If each member of a family strives to keep God’s commandments, and if pleasing Heavenly Father and praying to Him are a top priority, the Holy Spirit will dwell in that home.

My home is not always a quiet, serene place. There is a lot of chaos, bickering, and complaining. However, there is also a lot of love for each other and for Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. My husband and I may not be perfect examples all the time, but we do teach our children to serve others, love God, and keep His commandments. We teach them about the end goal of eternal life with our Heavenly Father. The Spirit is in our home, even if home life isn’t always serene. We have many sweet moments together.


  1. When there’s Love at Home, by John. H. McNaughton

     4th verse: Jesus, show Thy mercy mine,
Then there’s love at home;
Sweetly whisper I am Thine,
Then there’s love at home.
Source of love, Thy cheering light
Far exceeds the sun so bright—
Can dispel the gloom of night;
Then there’s love at home;
Love at home, love at home,
Can dispel the gloom of night;
Then there’s love at home.

My Nana always sang the first verse of this song to her children when they fought with each other. I recently discovered a fourth verse to this song that I had never heard before. It beautifully illustrates how there will be love at home as we receive of Jesus’ mercy, love, and light. We can do this as we display pictures of Jesus in our homes, read our scriptures, pray to Heavenly Father, and make Christ’s atonement a personal part of our lives. If we know who we are, and hold on to our Heavenly family, there will be love and light in our earthly homes.

My children know that they are children of God. They know He loves them, knows their names, and wants them to be happy. Because we all know that we are beloved to God, we feel more love for each other at home.


  1. A Light in the Heart, by Roger and Melanie Hoffman

     A light in the heart is a light in the home.

     A light in the home is a light in the town.

     A light in the town is a light in the nation.

    And light in the nations is light in the world.

    Keep the home light burning bright.

This song is simple, but every time I listen to it, I feel the Holy Ghost, and tears fall down my cheeks. It helps me see that the goodness and light that come from one person, from one home, can affect the whole world. I believe this is true. I believe that to change the world, we need to start in the home. If the home is filled with love, sacrifice, spirituality, respect, and service, the people in that home will set the example for others. Then those people who are inspired by that example will help set the example for even more people.  It is a cycle that goes on forever. Witnessing kind acts and strong relationships will bring light to some, and then to the world.


 I love the quote “Believe there is good in the world.” I love the idea of being the good in the world even more. That is what we try to teach our children.

be the good

Homes are not just meant to just protect us physically, but to protect us spiritually. Within the walls of our homes are members of a family that we love, support, and protect. With the light of Christ, our homes can be sacred places, and safe havens from the world.


My family was established March 6, 2010, and I want it to last forever. If we allow the Savior’s light to guide us, and make our homes reflect that light, our families can be eternal. I know this with all of my heart.

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    I love that you used music to teach about the light that our homes should radiate. I haven’t even heard of a couple of the songs. They are all lovely!

    1. Mandy A.

      Thank you! Music is so special to me. I really recommend Scripture Scouts to you. The last song I wrote about is from this CD:

      The songs are so well-written, and go along perfectly with the Family Proclamation. 🙂


        Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll check it out.


    Music is powerful. I hope your children never stray, but if they do, I bet it will be the songs they remember that will soften their heart to bring them home.

    1. Mandy A.

      That is a powerful thought. Music has such a great influence, and can bring the Spirit so abundantly.


    Wow! I can’t believe that I have never noticed the last verse of Love at Home. It’s so powerful! Thank you for the inspiration I love all of those songs, but I am going to teach my kids the last verse of Love at Home, for sure!


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