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To help me reach a larger audience, I write for other sites and blogs.

Family Share:

How to know if what someone says about you is true

Worrying about last-minute gifts for Christmas? You’ll want to read this!

Why I won’t let my son share my last name

10 things I thought I would never do as a parent until I became one

We know better, so let’s do better

 7 clues that your terrible relationship could be your fault

How long should I wait to date after my divorce?

It isn’t easy being green…with envy

Faith is the Key

If couple cleave, they won’t want to leave

What I told my son when he asked me about bullying

The biggest lessons we learn come from the smallest people we love

Chicken Scratch N Sniff:

How Going to Church Can Make You a Great Missionary

How to Be the Right Kind of Friend when Someone Stops Going to Church

This is how to help a child deal with divorce




Cranial Hiccups:

Finding Joy in My Circumstances

I Love the Book of Mormon YouTube Channel:

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  1.'Cindy Ray

    Just wanted you to know that I appreciated your post on what to do when a friend leaves the church. Good ideas!

  2.'Diane L Tolley

    Hi, Mandy!
    A year ago, you reviewed my book, Daughter of Ishmael.
    I wondered if you would interested in reviewing the sequel, A House Divided?
    I am organizing a blog tour from April 18 to 29.
    Would you be interested?
    Let me know!


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