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Four Miracles Behind the Wheel

After I told you the story of the first time God saved my life, I started to ponder the other times He has come to my rescue.

There have been four times in my life that I could have – should have – gotten into a car accident, being either horribly hurt, or maybe even killed.

These are memories that I will never forget. I felt divine intervention each time. Read them and see if you believe they were merely luck or coincidence:

  • In 2001, I was a pretty new teenage driver. I was driving myself to my job at CVS during rush hour, something I didn’t yet have experience with. I was in the lane just left of the far right lane, a lane that so happened to be merging into mine. I saw a car start to creep in front of me, even though there wasn’t room. I was confused about why he was doing that, and just kept inching forward, hoping he would move back. Well, he didn’t move back, and kept edging into the lane, so much so, that he was inches away from hitting my car. In a panic, I swerved into the lane to the left of me, without even checking to see if there was room. My car fit perfectly into the lane. I know this was a miracle. Surely the Lord inspired a driver in that lane to slow down and make  room for a teenage girl in a white Hyundai hatchback.

rush hour

  •  The same year, when going home from work, my purse fell down under my accelerator. My car spun out of control as I was entering the freeway. Still being a new driver, I was scared to death, and anticipated going off the road and hitting either another car or a tree. Somehow, I was able to pick up my purse from under the accelerator, regain control, and go on my way without hitting anyone. I felt so blessed that nobody was in front or behind me, and that I was able to regain control so quickly, before I entered mainstream traffic.


  • One winter, around 2009, the roads were  icy because of recent snow. I had just left my apartment in Hillsborough, and was starting to go around a downhill curve. My car started to slide a lot and I lost control. Almost immediately, before I had time to panic, I felt my wheel regain control. It wasn’t my hands that did so. I felt like there were other hands controlling my steering wheel. I have always believed that angels put my car back on a safe path.


  •  Around 2011 or 2012, I was driving in Durham on 15-501. There is a road that runs parallel to it. To get to that road, one has to turn left across several lanes. I got in the left lane to turn, but instead of going across the traffic onto the parallel road, I actually turned into the oncoming traffic. I was supposed to cross over several lanes of traffic onto a parallel road. Instead, I turned into oncoming traffic. Suddenly, everything went into slow motion. I knew that at any moment I could be hit by a car and killed, but I wasn’t alarmed and didn’t lose control. I calmly backed up into the lane I had just come from. I know this was a miracle. I should have been hit by a car, because as I turned into the traffic, several cars were headed my way. Not only did those cars not hit me, the cars behind me, who had also gotten into the turning lane, were far enough back that I could go back to safety.

steering wheel

I do not know why my life was spared in all these situations, as well in situations where I actually was in an accident. Perhaps it is because I am supposed to share my testimony that God is real, and that angels are real. Perhaps it is because I have a mission on this earth I am yet to fulfill. Perhaps it is simply so I can see God’s hand in my life, and always be grateful to Him for blessing me, for protecting me.

Behind the wheel is just one way in which God has been there for me. I testify He is there for you too. How have you felt God’s protection in your life?



Thank you for sharing!

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