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Teaching Gospel Lessons

I love to teach. It is one of my greatest loves. Below are lessons I have taught:

LDS Institute – The Book of Mormon

*You may also find these blog posts helpful as you study the Book of Mormon: 100 things the Book of Mormon has taught me and You Aren’t Weird, but Your Beliefs Are Part 3: How I Know Joseph Smith was a Prophet.

1. Alma 40-42

2. Alma 43-45

3. Alma 46-48

4. Alma 49-51

5. Alma 52-55

6. Alma 56-59

7. Alma 60-63

8. Helaman 1-4

9. Helaman 5-8

10. Helaman 9-12

11. Helaman 13-16

12. 3 Nephi 1-4

13. 3 Nephi 5-7

14. 3 Nephi 8-11

15. 3 Nephi 12-14

* You may also find this blog post helpful as your study this chapter: The Pathway to Perfection.

16. 3 Nephi 15-17

17. 3 Nephi 18-19

18. 3 Nephi 20-22

19. 3 Nephi 23-26

20. 3 Nephi 27-30

21. 4 Nephi

22. Mormon 1-6

23. Mormon 7-9

24. Ether 1-5

25. Ether 6-10

26. Ether 11-15

27. Moroni 1-6

28. Moroni 7

29. Moroni 8-9

30. Moroni 10

LDS Institute – Member Missionary Class  – Missionary Preparation (MPM) and The Power of Everyday Missionaries (PEM)

1. Called to Serve (Ch 1 MPM), Personal Worthiness (Ch 2 MPM), Blessings that come from sharing the gospel (Intro to PEM)

2. Using Time Wisely to Bring People to Christ (Ch 12 MPM) and Finding People for the Missionaries to Teach (Ch 1-3, 5 PEM, not pages 30-34)

3. The Companionship of the Holy Ghost (Ch 3 MPM) and Teaching by the Spirit (Ch 4 MPM)

4. Teaching Toward Conversion (Ch 7-10 PEM), We Learn to teach “By Study and Also by Faith,” Part 1  and 2(Ch 5-6 MPM)

5. Heavenly Father’s Plan (Ch 7 MPM) and Hard Question – The Fall was a part of God’s plan

6. Prophets and Apostasy (Ch 8 MPM) and Hard Question – False Prophets

7. The Restoration and Coming Forth of New Scripture (Ch 9 MPM), pages 30-34 (PEM)/ Hard Questions – No More Bible/Where are the Gold Plates

*You may find these blog posts helpful in your study of chapters 6 and 7: You Aren’t Weird, but Your Beliefs Are Part 2: Why there there so many churches? and You Aren’t Weird, but Your Beliefs are Part 3: How I Know Joseph Smith was a Prophet.

8.  Faith and Conversion (Ch 10 MPM)and Hard Question – Need for baptism and other ordinances

9. The Hard Questions Part 1: Traditional Marriage, Blacks and the Priesthood, Polygamy

10. The Hard Questions Part 2:  Are Mormons Christians: Trinity, Cult or not, why don’t we use crosses, worship different Jesus, Church history misunderstandings 

* You may also find this blog post helpful as you study this topic: Are Mormons Christians: A question that can only be answered by a Mormon.

11. How to share the gospel online (Ch 6 PEM) and Share the truth at Work (Ch 4 PEM) and Hard Question – Evolution/Age of Earth 

12. How to involve our kids in sharing the gospel/ How to share gospel with less active friends and family /PEM Ch 12

13. Preparing Investigators for Baptism and Confirmation (Ch 13 MPM) and Hard Question: What are Garments? 

14. Christlike Attributes (Ch 14 MPM) and Building the Kingdom of God (Part 3 PEM)/ How to support people you helped convert

LDS Institute – Building an Eternal Marriage

*You may also find this blog post helpful as you study this wonderful topic: When couples cleave, they won’t want to leave.

1. Eternal Perspective

2. The Joy of Marriage

3. Keeping the Sacred Covenant of Marriage

4. Spirituality in Marriage

5. Communication Fundamentals in Marriage

6. Righteous Unity in Marriage

7. Traditions of the Fathers

8. Differences Inherent between Men and Women

9. Men’s Divine Roles and Women’s Divine Roles

10. Prioritizing Life’s Demands and and Mothers’ Employment Outside the Home

*You may find this blog post helpful as you study this topic: You are Replaceable.

11. Money and Marriage and Managing Temporal Resources

12. Keeping Love Alive

13. Respecting Your Spouse

14. Intimacy in Marriage and Fidelity in Marriage

15.  Inasmuch as Parents Have Children in Zion

*You may find these blog posts helpful as you study this topic: Parenthood: Change for the harder, but truly for the better and This is how we do it.

LDS Relief Society –  General Conference Talk Lessons

1. Wide Awake to Our Duties – Carole M. Stephens – October 2012

2. The Cost and Blessings of Discipleship – Jeffrey R. Holland – April 2014

*You may find these blog posts helpful as you study this topic: I never stand alone.

3. Protection from Pornography – Linda S. Reeves – April 2014

*You may find this blog post helpful as you study this topic: Pornography: I say it. I talk about it. You should too.

LDS For the Strength of Youth Lessons

1. Gratitude and Service

*You may find these blog posts helpful as you study these topics: Gratitude can change your life for the best and Let’s do what we can.

2. Dating, Music and Dancing, and Entertainment and Media

LDS Sacrament Meeting Talks

1. Gratitude

2. Ward Mission Plan

3. Temple Worship

4. Celestial Kingdom

5. Member Missionary Work

6. Christlike Life

7. Why Adversity is Essential and Positive to our Lives

8. Feed My Sheep

9. What Matters

10. Personal Revelation

11. Home is a Sacred Place

12. Ancient Types and Prophecies of Christ, the Jehovah of the Old Testament

13. My talk from the year 2000 on “Thou Shalt Give Heed Unto All His Words”

14. The Most Important New Year’s Resolution (A Talk on Strengthening Our Testimony of Christ

15. Virtue

16. The Prophet Mormon, Commander of the Nephite Army


1. Guide to sharing the gospel on Facebook

2. The Recipe for Eternity

Thank you for sharing!


  1.'linda spiker

    I bet you are a great teacher. I love teaching RS but that’s about it lol. Gospel Doctrine and institute would intimidate the heck out of me!

  2.'Neil Johnson

    Wow! You’ve got some great material here.

    I taught school for 44 years, and some of my favorite church callings are teaching. As I look at your work here, I would love to be in one of your classes.


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