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‘Blessing the Nephite Children’ and ‘The Holy Ghost’


Catherine Christensen has published two new children’s books – one for babies and toddlers, and one for children who have recently been baptized or who will be baptized soon. The first book is called ‘Blessing the Nephite Children.’




It is a colorful board book with cute, colorful pictures, accompanied by simple language meant to help little ones know that just as Christ loved the Nephite children, He loves them too.

It is a cute book with a positive message. It helps little ones learn the story of the Savior visiting the Americas after his resurrection from the dead. It is good for even the smallest of children to know of His love and mercy towards these ancient people, especially how He took the time to help each and every person who was sick, and how He loved everyone no matter what they looked like.

My only problem with the book was the first page. It isn’t doctrinally accurate. I even read all the chapters from the time Samuel the Lamanite prophesied until after Christ died. I could find nothing about the Nephites believing Christ would visit them after His death. They knew he would would be born and die, and that He would be their Savior, but they didn’t know they would ever physically see Him.



The second book is called ‘The Holy Ghost: Discovering Your Extraordinary New Gift,’ and is also by Jane Delve.

When I first opened it up, I was surprised at how lengthy it was. It has nearly 80 pages of activities and information from Fill-in-the-blank to word searches to matching games to mazes to comics and so much more.

There are also icons throughout the book with extra nuggets of information, like the “Expert Icon,” which includes a quote from a prophet or general authority.

I really like this book because it is incredibly interactive. It gets a child to think and reflect, and to really learn to understand the divine Gift of the Holy Ghost. This is done through multiple questions being asked of the child in the book, as well as opportunities to write down thoughts, personal characteristics, and experiences.

This book does an excellent job of explaining who the Holy Ghost is and what He does for us, how the Gift of the Holy Ghost is different from the Power of the Holy Ghost, how we can keep our baptismal covenants, how to use our new gift (such as through prayer), and so much more. I love how scripture stories are woven into each teaching moment.

I am very impressed by this incredibly thorough and fun book. It would be a perfect gift for a child getting baptized soon (or who has just gotten baptized).

About the books:

“Blessing the Nephite Children”:
Snuggle up with your kids and learn about Jesus’s visit to the Nephites. This colorful board book is perfectly designed for little fingers and small attention spans. Experience the beauty of Christ’s personal love in the Book of Mormon with your little ones and come to see the ways the Savior reaches out to them today.

“The Holy Ghost”:
Get to know the Holy Ghost, from baptism on! This engaging book provides fill-in-the-blank stories, coloring pages, and other fun activities for your kids to help get them ready to receive the Holy Ghost and rely on Him for the rest of their lives. Come to understand and feel the Spirit, one of the greatest gifts from God.

About the author:

Catherine Christensen graduated magna cum laude from BYU with a degree in English and editing. She worked in her dream job acquiring and editing books before switching to her other dream job of full-time mother. She is a dual citizen of the United States and the United Kingdom and has lived most of her life in England. She currently resides in Springville, Utah, with her husband and daughter. Catherine is the author of “I Can Pray Everyday” and “Emily’s Perfect Christmas Tree.”

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