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By Small and Simple Things

These are the SMALLEST things. Nobody thinks they would ever matter. Click To Tweet But in the right hands…in God’s hands…everything small becomes magnified. JadaKaye

lord's hands

My friend’s words make me tear up every time I read them. Her words are true.

In her statement, Jada was specifically talking about the content of an inspirational documentary on BYUTV called “Turning Point.”

turning point

She said that the show mesmerized her:  “The thing about it is the complete randomness of the things people do. Ordinary people take the simplest things and turn people’s lives around. It isn’t about preaching anything. It’s about helping them live.”

Her words reminded me of one of my favorite scriptures in the Book of Mormon. Alma the Younger, speaking to his son, Helaman, said:

“…behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass; (Alma 37:6).”

Alma wasn’t speaking to his son about doing acts of service, but the point is still true. When we observe a need, and then do something about it, we can make all the difference in the joy, personal fulfillment, self-esteem, behavior, success, or hope of another.


We may not have the capacity to do some of the things people in the show have done, such as start a soccer team for the homeless, build a foster home for kids who never got adopted, or teach a large number of teens a trade to help them do better in school or dissuade from committing crime, but we can do something.

Look at your skills, your talents, your interests. How can you with your unique capabilities help others? What needs do you see in your friends, family members, neighbors, church, or community?


We can all do something. It might be visiting the sick or elderly. It might be donating food or clothing to the poor. It might be teaching a skill to those who would not otherwise have the ability or money to learn it. It might be listening to someone who really needs support. It might be giving rides, or babysitting someone’s kids, or sending cards to friends, or smiling at one who is sad.


All of these things are simple. They don’t usually take a lot of time or effort. But, they might help someone feel loved, important, and needed. They might bring hope to those who have lost it. They might renew faith in those who are doubting. They might save relationships. They might dry tears.

There is a lot of hate, bitterness, and violence in this world. But, there is a lot more good. Let’s focus on the good. Let’s be the good. That is how we can feel the love of God surrounding us. That is how we can live with peace, hope, and faith.

be the good

What will you do to be the good in the world?









Thank you for sharing!


  1.'linda spiker

    Love it. Especially Mother Theresa’s quote. Such a lovely thought. Pinned!


    Love this post, we need to do our part and dose the rest, thanks for sharing.

  3.'Erin Smith

    That was a perfect message! It is so much easier it seems to see all the bad in the world and become so depressed. I do believe there is a lot of good in the world even if sometimes it seems that we have to look a little harder. I think not only can we help others do the small and simple things, but I think we need to accept the help and service of others as well.

  4.'Heather Mecham

    Love this post! Sometimes we feel like the problems people are experiencing around us are bigger than we are and there’s nothing we can do. There’s always something we can do!


    What I love about service is that it’s not just a thought, but an actual action word!! If the thought comes to mind, then go act on it 🙂


    It’s so easy to be busy doing nothing important. Thanks for the reminder to stop, look around, and notice the small things that we can do to help others.


    I like the Mother Teresa quote- together we can do many things. One drop really does make a difference but we must be aware so it can be put in the right spot.


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