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Women in Science Who Changed the World

I have read and enjoyed two other of Heidi Poelman’s children’s books, Little Heroes: Courageous People Who Changed the World and Little Heroes: Inventors Who Changed the World.

I was excited to have the chance to read and review her newest children’s book, Women in Science Who Changed the World.

I have to express my awe at the beauty and detail of Angie Alape’s illustrations, first of all. I love the colors and the thorough details on every page to help us get to know each woman, her interests, and her contributions to science. Even though these pictures were illustrations and not photographs, I felt like I could see inside each of these women’s eyes to their dreams and desires to change the world.

The book itself was so interesting! I had heard of several of these women, but not all. It was cool to see women from different countries, backgrounds, and time periods and how they helped advance science through their curiosity and research.

I like how each woman got two pages. The first page included her name, title, a quote, and a fun fact. The second page included more details of each woman’s story and how she helped advance science. I do wish that all of the entries included the country the woman was from (some did but others didn’t), the time period she lived, and the definition of her title. The book seemed to progress through time, which is great. I just wish the exact years of life would have been stated.

I read the book to my 7-year-old daughter and then asked for her feedback. She said that through the book she saw how these women helped us know what we know now about science. She already knew some of the things that the women discovered and thought it was interesting how we didn’t always know those things, such as where butterflies come from or how lunar eclipses happen. 

All in all, I think this book is adorable, interesting, and a great addition to anybody’s bookshelf, child or adult alike! I’m so glad I got to read it and will refer back to it, I’m sure!

Buy it here: Women in Science Who Changed the World: Poelman, Heidi, Alape, Angie: 9781641706452: Books

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