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Who Would Be the Best President of the United States

The news right now is filled with stories about the U.S. Presidential candidates. TV is filled with ads that promote one candidate, while often putting down others.  Some citizens know exactly who they are voting for, and others are struggling to find anyone to stand with.

I have pondered a lot about the type of person I would want as President, and I am realizing that though race, gender, political party, religion, charisma, etc., are all factors other may use in choosing a candidate, none of those attributes, in my mind, can alone make a good president.

2016 Presidential candidates, I will stand with the one who most closely fits these attributes. Will these encompass you if you are President of the United States?

  1. Humility – You know that you don’t know all the answers, and are willing to consult with others smarter or more experienced than you. You do not put yourself on a pedestal and act superior to others.
  2. Accountability – You admit to fault and take responsibility for your mistakes. You do not play blame games. You accept the consequences of your actions, apologize openly for them, and commit to making things better.
  3. Integrity – You speak the truth, are straightforward, and sincere. You do not tell lies, keep secrets, or tell half-truths. You practice what you preach, are fair and honorable, and have high moral principles.
  4. Selflessness – You work for the good of your nation and its people, not for personal gain or fame. You are kind and generous in your dealings.
  5. Courtesy– You are careful how you speak to and about others. You do not demean others or treat them unjustly. You try to see the good in everyone (yes, even those not of your party), and utilize those good attributes for the betterment of the country and the world.
  6. Commitment – You put your whole being into the safety and prosperity of America. You are loyal to our land. You take your Presidential responsibilities seriously and fulfill them always to the best of your ability.
  7. Courage – You are a bold defender of liberty. You guard the rights you wish for yourself, for everyone else. You fight for peace, for freedom, for justice, for God.
  8. Love – You show love and compassion for all Americans, not just groups you agree with. You do good for all Americans, and you listen to the thoughts and feelings of all. You wish for prosperity for everyone.
  9. Partnership – You recognize you can’t keep this land and its people free and united on your own. You work in partnership with your spouse, Congress, the Cabinet, military leaders, and world leaders. Your most important partner, though, is God. You pray to Him for guidance and direction each and every day of your presidency. You ask Him to give you discernment and the attributes and knowledge you need to effectively lead the United States of America.


This is what I truly believe is most important in a good President. No, I will not vote for a particular candidate just because of party affiliation, or agreement on certain issues, or the alluring promises. They all make promises that make some cheer, but at the very same time make others cringe, or even lash out in anger. All Americans are different. We have different heritages, cultures, educations, desires, beliefs, and concerns.  Presidential candidates alone cannot suggest changes or improvements beyond their own knowledge and desires. But with God as a partner, and with the aforementioned moral attributes shining forth, a President can do the most good for the most people – and it will be the good that God knows His people need.



Is there a candidate such as this?

Thank you for sharing!

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    I would to have a president with all these attributes, I hope who ever become a president that will start strive to do his very best to better America,barest post hon


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