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We Didn’t Cry

Eight days ago we moved from our home of 8.25 years into a rental home in the next town over.

That night we ate Cook Out on the floor of our empty dining room and played outside together at our home, probably for the last time.

I thought I would cry that night, but I didn’t.

We went over a few more times to clean and collect things, and then the night before closing, the 12th, I left a gift for the new owners, as well as the keys. I knew that none of us would ever step foot into that home or yard again.

I thought I would cry that night, but I didn’t.

I talked to Jad on our date night on August 14, and he told me he hadn’t cried. Neither had I.

It surprised both of us that we hadn’t cried and neither had the kids. In fact, they love the rental home. They have a big family room up front, a long hallway for running, and a huge basement for playing. They are as happy as can be.

Tonight we took a walk down our street and realized just how close we are to the Haw River!

Do I miss my home? Absolutely. I miss the back yard most of all, and I know Jad does too. We don’t use the back yard here really because we couldn’t take our playground or trampoline with us. Maybe we will start running around in it when it gets less hot.

I realized the first day or two after we moved that my heart is not, and never was attached to the four walls of our house. My heart is attached to my husband, my children, our dog, and the memories we have made and will continue to make together.

Our belongings are mostly still with us, which also helps us connect to our new surroundings.

Perhaps what helps the most is that we know that this is a stepping stone to what we really want – a new home built in land we chose, in a town and location we want to always live in.

I am so grateful that Heavenly Father sent us to 110 Norwood Court in Collington Farms, Mebane, NC.

I know that we were sent to that particular cul-de-sac, for we have made wonderful, lifetime friends who we trust, admire, and value greatly.

Our downstairs floorplan was perfect for large family gatherings, so we had plenty of holiday celebrations there. I also loved hosting girls’ nights, which I hope to do again after we move into our new home.

The most exciting and memorable thing that happened in our home was that I had a baby in my master bathroom. But, I don’t have to have that bathroom in my life forever to remember the miracle that happened. And that applies to all the amazing things that happened there.

So, my heart is full of all kinds of emotions, but mostly gratitude, not grief, and excitement, not regret.

Perhaps it’s silly to write about this, but I know I will wonder how we all felt 10 years from now.

We hope the new owners love our home the way we did, and we hope that they love our neighbors as we always will!

Thank you for sharing!

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