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The Holy Ghost led me home

Exactly one year ago I had a spiritual experience behind the wheel. This is how I told it on Facebook that night:
I have to share a spiritual experience I had last night while driving home from babysitting my good friend’s kids. I got in my van and tried using my trusty phone GPS to get home since I haven’t been to my friend’s house enough times to memorize the route (she lives way out in the country, by the way). There was no signal. I couldn’t find my car GPS.

 I hoped there would be a signal by the time I got to the end of the gravel street. There wasn’t.

 I sat at the stop sign trying to fiddle with the GPS, and then and older man turned onto the gravel street, rolled down his window, and started talking to me. That freaked me out a little, so I quickly turned right since I could get away from him faster that way. I was pretty sure I went the wrong way, but I figured I could just turn around soon.

 I kept trying to get my GPS to work, to no avail. Remember, it was pitch black outside.

 I decided to turn onto the next street I saw and turn around. Big mistake. This was a very narrow gravel road that went on forever it seemed. I saw signs saying Private Property and then got nervous about being shot at. Finally, I saw a spot to turn around, and then I drove for about half a mile to get back to the road. 

I turned right, back towards my friend’s house. I knew I was going the right way but still had no idea what to do next.

 I pleaded with my Heavenly Father to help me get home. My GPS did not magically start working – no, it never worked. However, though I didn’t know where I was going, I managed to remember road names when I got to them. I never passed a turn, and I never went the wrong way on a road. The final test was when I wasn’t sure whether to turn right or left onto a road I would had to drive five miles on. I turned the way I felt I should, and five miles later, I recognized my surroundings.

 I know with all my heart that the Holy Ghost led me home. Not once did I make a wrong turn. Not once did a vehicle drive behind me, forcing me to hurry and making me nervous. Not once did I see a deer or any other animal. Though this was a scary experience for me, it was a testimony builder. God is there for us. We need only to trust in Him.
Thank you for sharing!

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