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Guide to sharing the gospel on Facebook

I wrote this checklist last year for the Raleigh, NC mission office, of ways that members and missionaries can share the gospel and connect on Facebook:

A. Set a Good Example

1. Go through your FB page and delete old pictures, liked pages, books, movies, TV shows, groups, etc., that are inappropriate.

2. Do not post anything on your FB page that is negative or that spawns from a contentious or angry heart. Delete any contention that is posted on your page. Do not comment on other people’s angry posts unless you write something encouraging and Christ-like.

3. Be careful what you post or “like.” If a message/post has an inappropriate picture or if the page from which it originates has an inappropriate name (many of these page names are full of profanity), do not like or share them.

4. Be cheerful in your posts and concentrate on subjects that are useful, helpful and uplifting.

B. Share the Gospel

1. Under your About section you can:

a. Add a link to your profile under your websites on FB. You could also add or

b. Add your religion on Facebook for everyone to see.

c. Post quotes from scriptures or general authorities

2. Comment/like/share other people’s spiritual blog posts or statuses.

3. Like pages created by the church (apostles, church newsroom, etc). Share/like/comment on quotes from those pages often.

4. Share uplifting experiences as the Spirit directs.

5. Invite people to activities and to church

6. Pay attention to who “likes” your spiritual posts or shares. Some of these people may not be members and might like to hear more from you. Send them a message.

C. Connect with the missionaries

1. Try to comment on each post the missionaries in your ward do. If not comment, share or like.

2. If you know someone that needs spiritual upliftment due to conversations you have had with him/her on Facebook, send that person’s name to the missionaries to connect with them. Or, you can send your friend the missionaries’ pages.

3. Missionaries can tag specific members in posts and ask them to answer a question.

4. The missionaries often post challenges on FB. Do them and share your experiences.

5. Share your love for the missionaries and tag them in posts on FB, like when you have them for dinner or when they have helped your family with something.

Thank you for sharing!

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