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Reflecting on 2023

Last night before midnight, our family discussed our year and what events were most meaningful to us. It was no contest: Asher’s birth was the most wonderful and memorable event to happen in our 2023. And our lives have never been the same since he came home to us two weeks later. You can learn more about his birth and first month of life here: A Onesie with Meaning | Making Life a Bliss Complete

The other experiences that meant the most to me in 2023 were directly related to Casey. Seeing him graduate from high school, turn 18, prepare to serve a mission, leave for his mission, and then feeling of his spirit as he serves his mission have been life-changing for me.  You can read more about Casey’s transition into adulthood and missionary here: A Month without My Missionary | Making Life a Bliss Complete

It’s interesting to me that the God saw fit for me to simultaneously begin raising a child and wrap up raising a child at the same time. I know I will always be Caseys’ mother no matter how old he gets, but it feels a lot different having an adult child than having a baby.

So for me, Asher coming into the world and Casey leaving the nest are my two major highlights of 2023. This past year has also been filled with many other challenging and fulfilling things, such as:

  1. Rigel turning 12 and receiving the Aaronic Priesthood. Seeing him pass the Sacrament and speak in church have been so special to us.
  2. Joining an LGBTQ ally group with other members of my church to cultivate love, education, and understanding around our LGBTQ siblings.
  3. Attending monthly girls’ nights with friends, old and new. This is so therapeutic for me.
  4. Enjoying having a son with a driver’s license and then six months later having to adjust to not having him there to run errands and drive people around. We definitely appreciated that while we had it.  
  5. Learning how to have a baby in the house again and bursting with love for my baby and for the rest of my kids as they adored their new brother.
  6. Eve and Casey performing in our church’s musical of “The Secret Garden.” It was Eve’s first musical and Casey’s first musical playing a lead. I was so grateful to be able to experience this musical from the audience.
  7. Joining a new book club and sometimes reading the books, ha!
  8. Seeing my husband be called to the Bishopric of my congregation and noticing the changes in him for good, as well as feeling for him as he experienced more stress, less time, and more concern for his fellow man.
  9. Making new friends through one of Casey’s best friends. I am so grateful for these new friends and all the memories we have made in half a year!
  10. Learning how to help Casey as he suffered from depression.
  11. Feeling inspired to go back to my book draft from years ago and get back to work on it so I can self-publish it. I will never put it down and give up on it again. I know I was directed to write it and I will publish it this year.
  12. Mourning as my first son moved away from me for the first time in 18 years.
  13. Feeling such joy and love for this same son as he faithfully serves the Lord each day.
  14. Singing in the local Messiah concert for the first time in four years. It was wonderful to have the group back together. There is such a special spirit that comes from worshiping through song.
  15. Kamren, Eve, and Rigel starting karate lessons. They absolutely love it!
  16. Suing our builder over flooring issues and losing because of a technicality over the name. We will sue again this month under another business name. We hate doing it, but we know it’s the right thing to do.
  17. Donating to the Light the World Giving Machine. It took only a few minutes of our time, but it is something we will never forget.
  18. Sleeping poorly almost every night since Asher was born.
  19. Adjusting to not being able to accomplish things nearly as often or quickly as I am used to.
  20. Dealing with self-image issues due to my weight and health. I hope that I can work on this more in 2024 after Asher turns one and is weaned.
  21. Having very little time with my husband since Asher won’t sleep until late at night.
  22. Enjoying family fun times, like school concerts, birthday parties, Monster Jam, the Richmond, VA Temple Open House, strawberry picking, the Greensboro Science Center, a trip to Hendersonville, a day at Carolina Beach, tons of fun times in our pool, family visits, Chestnut Ridge, and Carowinds’ Winterfest.

There are so many other things I could mention about 2023. I have learned a lot about adapting, simplifying, managing my time, loving more deeply, being more present, following the promptings of the Holy Ghost, and more.

I’m so grateful for each year of my life. Some have been harder than others. All have been full of learning opportunities, blessings, and love.

I hope and pray that 2024 will be a fulfilling year and that my family, friends, and I can all progress in our lives and feel joy and peace throughout our successes and struggles.

Happy New Year 2024!

Thank you for sharing!

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