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My First Children’s Book

Update: Here is a link to The Dandelion. It is available as a Kindle e-book and as a paperback.

The Dandelion – Kindle edition by Al-Bjaly, Mandy. Children Kindle eBooks @

I know I just published my first novel less than a month ago (Likening the Book of Mormon War Chapters to Your Life: A Study Journal), but I wanted to keep the momentum going. Besides, I had already written this children’s book, called The Dandelion, on April 26, 2020, after taking a walk with my family the day before.

Here are the thoughts I wrote down from that walk: I thought about how my children have given me countless dandelions over the years as a way to show me they love me. I always have a choice to make – roll my eyes at the fact the dandelion is in fact a weed or see what my children see – a beautiful flower, perhaps just mistaken for a weed.

I love this little story. It’s sweet, tender, and thought-provoking despite its simpleness. I did not have an illustrator, but I found really lovely stock photos to use instead. It is best suited for ages 2-8, but I think it would give anyone a smile who chose to read it.


It is now available as a Kindle e-book to preorder on Amazon here for only $2.99. It will be available as a paperback no later than July 1, 2024.

I will be continuing to write children’s books. I have so many ideas and I am so excited to write them, hopefully bringing smiles to many children and their parents over the years. I thank God for this little gift He has given me.

Enjoy, and thank you for your support! I always love hearing how you like my writings and would greatly appreciate reviews on Amazon and Goodreads too!

Thank you for sharing!

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