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The Kentucky Sunbeams

I am not a person who generally turns to the country station, or goes to blue grass festivals. For some reason, though, when I hear the banjo, fiddle, and guitar playing, along with the twang of cheerful voices, I can’t help but smile, tap my foot, and get the urge to dance.

kentucky sunbeams

I recently got a copy of a brand new CD, called The Kentucky Sunbeams. I loved the title. The word “sunbeam” is a very special one in my church, because one of the first songs all of our toddlers learn to sing is called Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam.

I felt a connection to the CD just because of that. Then, I put it in and started listening.

My son, Rigel’s, first reaction was: “Mom, is this Jack?” He was referring to a musical my oldest son, Casey, and I performed in a couple years ago, called Sing Down the Moon: Appalachian Wonder Tales.

I was so impressed that as a four-year-old, he recognized the Appalachian style of the music.

I have listened to this CD about three times now, and I absolutely love it. The vocals are lovely, and the instrumentals are spot on.

Most of the songs in this CD are well-loved children’s songs from the LDS church. A few of them, though, are popular Christian songs from outside of our church. I am so glad those were added because I did not know them before.

No CD of children’s music would be complete without children’s voices. Though not featured in every song, I always welcomed the sound of these little angels.

I thought the arrangements of each piece were fresh, and I was sometimes pleasantly surprised at tempo and mood variations.  I especially loved the new take on Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam.

My favorite Primary song of all time is My Heavenly Father Loves Me. The Kentucky Sunbeams added a third verse to the song – one that talks about the greatest act of our Father’s love: sending His only begotten son, Jesus Christ to the earth to atone for us. It was a beautiful verse, and I felt the Holy Spirit manifest to me how much Heavenly Father really does love me and you.

Probably my favorite arrangement on the CD is Search, Ponder and Pray. The message of the song really resonated through the music.

There was only one song I did not really enjoy, and that was Tell Me the Stories of Jesus. This, to me, is a very reverent song, and I did not like the uppity tempo. The music sounded awesome, but I would have preferred to keep this song sweet and soft.

My overall feeling about this CD is: buy it! It doesn’t matter if you are LDS or not. If you are a Christian family with children, this CD is for you. Even if you don’t love bluegrass music, you will still love it. These folks are gifted, and they bring a powerful spirit to these beloved songs. Share on X

I received a copy of this CD in exchange for my honest review.  I am so glad I did – this CD will be played in our minivan time and time again.

Thank you, The Kentucky Sunbeams, and God bless you!

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