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In the world we live in, Christmastime is largely associated with Santa Claus, presents, and stockings, so it can be difficult to teach and show our children what Christmas is really about – the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.
Thankfully, there is a new book, called The Gift Giver, by Jacob Haslem and Nick Allen, which illustrates the true meaning of Christmas, from the perspective of Santa himself.


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I was blessed to receive a copy of this beautiful book in exchange for my honest review. One night, before I put my children to bed, I pulled it out, and began to read.

My 10-year-old and 4-year-old were mesmerized by each page. After I finished the book, I asked both of them their feelings.

Casey, my oldest, remarked that this book focused on the true meaning of Christmas, and had a religious feel throughout. He said that the beautiful pictures helped him imagine the story. His favorite part was when Santa told of the first gifts he gave to a poor man and his daughters. He helped those starving people even though he didn’t have much to give. He knew someone needed money more than he, and thus gave all he had.

Rigel, my preschooler, told me he also liked the book, especially the pictures. He was more focused on the face of Santa throughout the book, but it was clear that he related to the little boy Santa was telling his story to. He trusted Santa, and the story he told.

I also have another son, Kamren, who is not even 2 ½ years old. He was not interested in the story. However, because of the length and message of the book, I would not have expected it.

I also thoroughly enjoyed this book. The paintings were absolutely lovely. I loved the story of how Santa came to be, and the dream he had which inspired him to begin his mission.

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I love how this book taught the symbolism of the Christmas star, tree, lights, etc. I also like how Santa was humble, and recognized that he should not be the face of Christmas.

My only complaints with the book are the punctuation errors throughout, and the fact that it was quite long for a children’s book.

Even so, I am sure this book will become a treasured possession in our home. Santa Claus is someone to look up to, and to love. His mission is to show God’s love through his kindness and generosity. But though he brings gifts, Jesus Christ is the Gift Giver.

Thank you for sharing!