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The Book with No Pictures


The Book with No Pictures, by BJ Novak, is the first children’s book I have seen with absolutely no pictures at all.

It isn’t boring, though! It keeps my children’s attention, and gets them rolling with laughter every time. They quote the book, and laugh as they quote it.

The book is fun for so many reasons. It plays with fonts, colors, and CAPS. There are also silly sounds, phrases and songs that grown ups have to say, “no matter what.”

As the reader, you have to play two parts. You read the book as  you would read any other book, and then you have to react to the silliness with embarrassment.

The more I read this book, the more I like it. All of my children like it, and their ages range from 2-10.

Get this book for your kids. It is worth all the laughs and smiles you will get from it, over and over again.


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  1.'Annia Huff

    Thanks for the book suggestion. I would love to borrow it! The library does not have it


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