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Slide-N-Seek: Ocean


I was just given the opportunity to receive a copy of David Miles’ Slide-N-Seek: Ocean books in exchange for my honest review, and I am so glad I got it! There are also two other books in this series!

This idea of a slide-n-seek book is genius! Each page is full of glorious artwork with bright, bold colors, and hidden images, as well as a circular wheel that you pull with a little ribbon to reveal a hidden picture.

I read it to my boys last night, and they were fighting over it, they loved it so much. Here were their reactions:

The 4-year-old: He wanted to read it again. He also wants to keep it for himself.

The 7-year-old: He loved the paintings on each page, the sliding wheel, and the I Spy game.

The 12-year-old: He thought the book was really fun, from the sliding wheel to the challenging I Spy game.

If you are looking for a book with a compelling story, this may not be your book. But, if I learned anything last night, an unforgettable book takes many forms, and in this case, it is bold, beautiful, colors, a challenging game that takes a lot of observation, and a fun sliding wheel.

I think this book will be one of my kids’ favorites for a very long time.

Book Description

Explore a new and exciting way to learn about creatures that live in the ocean with this interactive Slide-N-Seek book. You’ll see colorful images transform before your very eyes with the turn of a wheel and discover hidden images throughout each page. Kids will love this fun and educational format while learning about beautiful creatures along the way.

David Miles

David grew up in rural Pennsylvania. He attended Brigham Young University where he pursued a degree in Business Management. But through all the classes on cash flows and price elasticities, David was still in love with art. He worked several years as a graphic designer and published his first children’s book at age 19. David also took two years off school to serve a church mission to Thailand, which was probably the most formative experience of his life.

David graduated in business from BYU in 2013 and joined Familius as a partner. He works as Creative Director and also oversees all digital initiatives for the company. He lives in California with his wife and son.


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