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Of Twisted Fates (Kinsley Sisters Book 1)

I have been very busy lately as three of my kids have just started virtual school, and the other is young and very much needs my attention.

Thus, I haven’t read very much lately. It hasn’t been at the forefront of my mind at all since I rarely have enough time to just sit down and enjoy a good book.

Well, yesterday I made myself sit down and start reading Heather Chapman and Jo Perry’s Of Twisted Fates so I could do this review.

Once I started, I could not stop. I started reading while my daughter was napping and my boys were doing school.

I had to cover my mouth multiple times to stifle what would have been loud, belly laughs. The book is simply hilarious because both of the main characters are quirky, funny people who love to tease and banter. And some people close to them are also witty and fun!

The book starts with Isabelle and then moves to Simon. Every other chapter the storyteller swaps. It’s so fun to read a novel from two characters’ first-person perspectives. I loved both perspectives equally well.

The novel was very true to the Regency era, and though it has never been my favorite genre, I still loved the book because the story had a great mix of playfulness, introspection, romance (including a love triangle), letter-writing, convention and the desire to throw it to the wind, and more.

I found everything about the novel enjoyable, and I found the characters believable. As I said before, my absolutely favorite parts of the story were the ones where I held my belly, threw my head back, and just laughed. I think everyone needs a book that rejuvenates them through laughter.

Thank you for writing this delightful novel! I really look forward to following Juliet’s and Charlotte’s love stories in the novels to come!

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