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Nita’s First Signs

I wish my little girl was younger so I could really use this book on her, because it is fantastic!!!! It is called Nita’s First Signs and is by Kathy MacMillan, with illustrations by Sara Brezzi.

My husband and I read the book together, trying the signs. It was fun. We practiced on each other too.

The book is very bright and user-friendly. Each page has simple situations that occur between the baby, Nita, and her parents.

The book has flaps that slide out of the thick, high-quality board pages, that show you how to do the signs for a certain word or phrase.

Sometimes in a page, you have to remember a sign you have already learned in a previous page, to sign the phrases completely and correctly. It was a fun challenge to try to remember.

This book is absolutely perfect to teach yourself and your baby how to sign common words, phrases, and manners, so that your baby can communicate with you even before she can talk.


Thank you for sharing!