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I am so excited to tell you about a new children’s book with probably the coolest title I have ever seen.


The message itself is far from gobbledygook. It is profound, and truly applicable to human civility.

When I read the book to my children, these were their reactions:

From my 10-year-old: He first noted that it was funny, and then said he liked that the book is a poem, with fun rhyme and rhythm. He said that the book teaches a good lesson about not judging a book by its cover.

From my 4-year-old: He sat through the whole book, and told me that he liked the horse the best. Clearly, the illustrations were his focus.

From my 2-year-old: He wasn’t interested. I tried to read it to him twice, and he just wasn’t excited about it at all.

In my opinion, this book is definitely worth buying. The illustrations are bright, fun, and full of expression. Kids who read the book will learn some new words, all of which are defined in the back of the book.The rhyming is superb, and the word fonts grab your attention. Within the rhyme is a lot of reason. The book portrays the power of persuasion, positive attitude, persistence, respect, and kindness, while demonstrating the destruction that can come from pride, blame, gossip, and judgment on physical appearance.

There is much to be learned, and the message will sink down deep into anyone who listens to it.

I recommend this book for ages 4 and up. You can order it here.

*I received a copy of this book in order to write my review. However, all opinions expressed are from mine and my children’s.

About the book:

It’s party time in the barnyard! But some of the animals don’t want to invite everyone. This adorable rhyming children’s book reminds us that little differences don’t matter and that we can be friends with everyone, even if we don’t all look the same. Contains fun words to read and has colorful illustrations. It’s a perfect bedtime book to enjoy again and again!

About the author:

If she’s not sitting at the computer writing, Melica Hudgens can usually be found out in the garden pulling weeds or finding a place to plant something new. Melica also enjoys riding bicycles with her husband, taking walks, and enjoying the gifts of nature with her grandchildren.

About the illustrator:

Jay Fontano is a drawer. Not the kind in your dresser. The kind who draws. And that’s the fun kind.

Thank you for sharing!