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The special dish of my childhood

When I was a kid, my mom had a specialty she would make sometimes. I was always so excited to eat it.

It is called pepper steak. It is still a dish we get excited to eat when she makes it. I made it once years ago, and decided to try it again last week. It was fabulous! Want the recipe? I know you want to try it…

Pepper Steak


2 pounds stew beef

1 large Vidalia onion

2 green bell peppers

1 bottle Worcestershire sauce

Salt, pepper and garlic powder to taste (Not too much salt. You don’t need to spice it up much because of the Worcestershire sauce flavor)


1. Lightly grease a pan with Pam or olive oil.

2. Heat the pan, then add the beef. Season with salt, pepper and garlic powder to taste.

3. Brown the beef and drain the fat (there will be a lot).

4. Add Worcestershire sauce to the pan. (It is a matter of opinion how much to add. It depends on how much juice you want left, and how spicy you want the dish. Just have a whole bottle ready. I used a little over 1/2 a bottle.)

5. Simmer beef for 15-20 minutes. Add the peppers and onions. Simmer until tender. (I simmered mine until the onions were almost caramelized and the Worcestershire sauce nearly evaporated. It tasted divine.)

pepper steak 2

Serve over rice and top with Parmesan cheese.

pepper steak 1


Thanks, Mom, for this wonderful dish. I am glad I am able to make it now!


Thank you for sharing!

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    looks so yummy! I’ve already pinned it for later!


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