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Rigel’s Preschool Graduation

Last week, May 26, 2016, our shining star, Rigel, graduated from MUM’s Weekday School. We were so ecstatic and proud. All of the children were just adorable.

Here the kids are in their white and navy, looking sharp, in front of the church.

IMG_5319 IMG_5320     IMG_5327

After a prayer by the pastor, it was time for the kids to line up to sing to us!


We got so excited watching our Rigel walk in, and couldn’t wait to hear the singing. The kids sang several songs.

IMG_5332  IMG_5334 IMG_5336 IMG_5339

We got a couple on video:


The moment we were all waiting for came next: diploma time! Rigel was the second one to receive his.

IMG_5348 IMG_5349 IMG_5350

Presenting the MUM’s Weekday School Preschool graduating class of 2016!


We were so happy to see Rigel after the ceremony. We got him a gift, and he also got a gift from the Reverend of Mebane United Methodist Church.

IMG_5361 IMG_5362 IMG_5363  IMG_5365     IMG_5370

While Rigel opened his presents, Kamren and Casey had fun on the balcony.


Happy family!


When we got home, Rigel opened his gift from Mrs. Andrews. Inside was his diploma, books, and writing/learning materials. We read every book that night, and Casey was excited about the writing board.

IMG_20160526_201001574 IMG_20160526_201016233 IMG_20160526_201052368    IMG_20160526_201213759 IMG_20160526_201236423 IMG_20160526_201340279

Just before bed, I read him his new Planet Kindergarten book. He loved it! We love our little man, and can’t wait for him to start Kindergarten in August!


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