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Rigel’s First Day of Kindergarten

My shining star, Rigel, started Kindergarten at The Expedition School this Monday, August 1, 2016.

I was a little nervous about him starting school, but knew he would be fine. After all, I had left him alone at the school with the two kindergarten teachers and some of his future classmates the week before for orientation, and he had a terrific time.

The night before I made Rigel’s first school lunch, which was so special for some reason. Then, we went upstairs to pick out his clothes for the first day. I envisioned a collared shirt, but Rigel wanted to go for comfort. It was hard for me to give in, but I recognized that Rigel has his own style and I need to support that.

The next morning was so exciting. I made sure to take a picture of Rigel waking up…


and eating breakfast.


Jad went into work late so the whole family could drive together for the first day of school. When we got there, we just had to take pictures of Rigel and Casey together.



And of course, we got pictures with the rest of us.















We said goodbye to Casey, wishing him well on his first day of sixth grade (can you believe he is that old?). Then, we talked Rigel into his temporary Kindergarten classroom with Ms. Woods.

He picked a spot to hang his backpack, which of course, I had to take a picture of.


Then, he got his name tag and gravitated towards his good friend, Nathan, to color. Before he did that, I had to take a couple more pics. By then, he was kind of done.



He pretty much told me that he didn’t want any more pictures taken and that he wanted to sit with Nathan and move on with his day. Sniff sniff.


As we walked out to the car, I was a little sad realizing my little boy is growing up. He is independent and sure, and doesn’t need his mommy as much as he used to. I guess that is a good thing, but still hard.

Jad and I took Kamren, our little one not yet in school, to get some McDonald’s for breakfast, and then we headed home so Jad could go to work.

All day I was excited to hear how Casey’s and Rigel’s days went. Naturally, I was full of questions.


Casey said he made two new friends at school (he always is great at making friends). He also enjoyed reflecting on his hopes and dreams for the school year.


Rigel said his favorite part of the day was resting. I had to laugh, imagining him being the kid who says his favorite subject is lunch. It was kind of ironic he said that because he doesn’t like taking naps anymore. He told me that he doesn’t like to nap at home, but he does at school. Then he asked me why they don’t have blankets and pillows along with their rest towels so they are comfy and don’t get cold. That made me laugh more.

I wasn’t satisfied with nap time being his favorite part of the day so I asked for something else he liked. He also said he liked coloring with his friend, Nathan, and exclaimed, “I love this school!”

So, that was the first day. I was proud of Rigel for eating his lunch and not throwing away his ice pack.

The days since have been good overall. Casey is enjoying his teachers, and so is Rigel. His permanent teacher is Ms. Woods, and he is happy with that.

Rigel has had some difficulty waking up in the morning, so we are still trying to figure out exactly how early he needs to be in bed. Once at school, though, he loves it.

I love driving with Kamren to pick his brothers up each day. He will squeal out their names in excitement when he sees them. And my heart still melts watching my little Rigel walk to the numbered cones for pick up. He is so small compared to all the other kids.

I am really grateful for The Expedition School. It is full of wonderful leadership, teachers, volunteers, parents, and children.

Here is to a great year!

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