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MUMS Annual Christmas Program

Our four-year-old son, Rigel, attends MUMS Weekday School on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. He loves the school, his teacher, Mrs. Andrews, and his best friends, Avarie and Peyton.

Last night, December 18, 2015, the whole school, ages 2-5, performed a variety of Christmas songs for families to enjoy.

The sanctuary was filled with excited parents, siblings, and grandparents.


First, there was a prayer and reflection on the history of the school, as well as those who did so much over the last 30 years to build it.

Then, class by class, adorable kids dressed in their best clothes were ushered in. Their teachers led them in A Cappella performances. I was amazed at how even the youngest class was able to stand still, and use their bodies, if not their mouths, to perform their songs.

All of the kids were adorable, and we heard some songs we didn’t know, as well as some of our favorites.


Finally, it was time for Rigel’s class to come out. He was the first one we saw, and he stood tall in the back left. We instantly perked up, and smiled our biggest smiles seeing our little man get ready to sing to us.


I got my phone video camera out and made sure to tape each song. I had to laugh because firstly, Rigel was clearly chewing gum (how did he get that?), and he was also the only one in his class who didn’t do the body movements with the songs. It was abundantly obvious he wasn’t participating, being so tall in the back. At first, I was bummed. But, then I remembered that he isn’t much of a dancer. He never does movements. But, he does love singing. He sang every song, and I was so proud of him.




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It was so special that his class sang “Angels We Have Heard on High,” because that is Rigel’s absolute favorite. I uploaded the videos of his performance to YouTube here, should you wish to view them.


After the program was over, I couldn’t wait to go up front and collect him. He patiently waited up front, and I felt like the luckiest mom in the world taking Rigel’s hand and leading him back to our family. My love for him grew last night, and I was so proud of his efforts. My little man is growing up before my very eyes.


He was so excited about the little gifts he got from his teacher and the pastor. The gestures made him feel loved and special.


Well done, my shining star. I love you!

Thank you for sharing!