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Macaroni and Cheese Tradition

It was lunchtime on April 6, and Kamren asked me for macaroni and cheese. I, of course, obliged.


Rigel wanted to help me “cook” it, so Kamren got the job of setting the table. He pointed to our outside picnic table.

I immediately smiled. We had done that once before, and Kamren had apparently decided to make it a tradition. See, he doesn’t usually ask to eat outside, just this lunch when we were eating mac and cheese.


The first thing he grabbed was the paper towel holder to put on the table. I thought that was adorable – he remembered what we had done last time.



Well, we ate lunch outside, and enjoyed the sunny weather.



Then, the kids wanted to swing for a while before nap.


While I was pushing Kamren on the swing, I noticed his back was a little puffy. I looked down his shirt, and giggled and teared up all at once. He had a paper towel stuffed in the back of his shirt. The reason why that affected me so was because the last time we had mac and cheese outside, it was windy and he was upset about his napkin blowing away. I had told him to put it in his shirt for safe keeping, and he remembered that this time! He did exactly the same thing.

I love my children with all of my heart, and even this little macaroni and cheese experience was precious to me.


And look, here we are just yesterday (May 31), eating mac and cheese again outside, per Kamren’s request, this time for dinner with hot dogs. I love my boys!

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