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Kamren’s first dentist appointment

Just in case we weren’t feeling like our little one was growing up enough, on June 10, 2015, he had his first dentist appointment.

Well, it was really Rigel’s appointment. Rigel loves going to the dentist, and he loves Jenelle, his dental hygienist.

Jenelle was so sweet to fit Kamren into Rigel’s appointment time to help him get comfortable with the idea of going to the dentist.

Kamren was so good during Rigel’s appointment, just watching him intently and quietly.

When Rigel got up to pick his toothbrush, Kamren tried to get in the chair.

Jenelle helped him up. He had a poker face the whole time.

Jenelle did her best to clean his teeth. He wouldn’t open his mouth much. She was able to clean the first four front teeth, though. She always stayed calm, encouraging and positive with him, trying to make him laugh.

Rigel was really encouraging too. He tried to show Kamren what to do.

Aw, brothers. See that face? He kept that poker face. It made the dentist and Jenelle laugh and laugh because he wouldn’t respond to anything they said or did.

It was a really fun experience, as usual, at Dr. Davis’ office. I can’t wait to see how Kamren does in six months!

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