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Brother’s Gonna Take Care of You

My boys are crazy – they run, scream, and fight, and their energy never seems to end. They play bad guys and good guys, and are rough to say the least.

Now that they have their baby sister, they are still all those things, but around her they are gentle, sweet, and affectionate. They want to protect her and to take care of her. They want her to feel the love they radiate towards her.

Last week, Casey and Rigel decided to rewrite the song Hush, Little Baby to be from their point of view as Eve’s brothers.

It goes like this:

Hush, little Evey, don’t say a word.

Brother’s gonna buy you a singing bird. 

If that singing bird don’t sing,

Brother’s gonna buy you a silver ring.

If that silver ring turns to grass,

Brother’s gonna buy you a looking glass. 

If that looking glass gets broke, 

Brother’s gonna buy you a baby goat.

If that baby goat runs away,

Brother’s gonna buy you a Barbie today.

My heart about melted the first time I heard them talk about rewriting it, and then hearing them sing it to her filled me with unspeakable joy.

I recorded the boys singing the song to her yesterday. I hope you love these recordings as I do. You can see their regular silly personalities along with their unconditional love for their baby sister.

I know that Heavenly Father blessed us with Eve. Our hearts have become fuller – she really completes us all. And as my boys sing to their beloved sister, they are singing praises to God, and raising a prayer for her and our family.

Thank you for sharing!

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