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Bliss Within a Mess

The baby is hurt and cries for me.
He runs to his fallen lunch plate, then tearfully reaches
for me to hold him.
I hug him, kiss his little face, and then gently place him on
my lap and begin to rock.
The big boy also wants to cuddle. I make room on my lap for
his larger, yet still soft body.
We rock peacefully back and forth, one hugging me and the
other licking peanut butter off his fingers.
The little dog approaches, sad, wanting to join us on the
comfy rocker.
I think there is not enough room, but hearing her little
desperate cry, I tap my knee twice and summon her to join us.
She happily leaps onto my lap. Suddenly, there isn’t enough
Her body is lying on my shoulder, neck and head. Her fur is
going in my ear.
That is when we start to giggle.
The little black dog finally gets comfortable curled up with
the big boy, and then her playful kisses start.
She kisses me on my ears and mouth as I try to turn away,
only stopping to lick the generous baby’s pointer finger that is tempting her with its peanut buttery goodness.
We continue to rock, a little less quietly than before, and
I realize I have three people in my lap that love me. I smile.
I inhale the fragrance of the big boy’s freshly shampooed
hair while the baby pushes his wet, messy mouth onto my left sleeve, laughing mischievously.
The baby is about done with this moment. He slides off my
lap, then adorably holds up his sock, shocked that it is off his sweet little
He then runs off to see what he can do while mommy is otherwise occupied.
The big boy still wants to rock with me. I hold his head
tenderly under my chin and pat his little bum rhythmically.
I realize that this is bliss, and it can be felt and enjoyed
even within a mess.
The moment ends just a touch after, but it is
enough to remind me I have all I will ever need.
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