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1, 2, 3, 4!!!

Last June, I started to have this great desire to do something. I told my husband, but he wasn’t quite on board with it. I was a bit surprised, but patiently waited. Two months later, he decided that my idea was a worthy one. So, we set to work to accomplish this desire.

Except, it didn’t work out. Nothing happened. We knew it was a righteous desire, but apparently it wasn’t the right time.

Hope and anticipation turned to more and more months of disappointment, which started to creep into worry.

Then, in late March, I had an exciting realization that our desire might be coming to pass. We tested out my theory, and found that I was right. Jad was in disbelief at first, but then it hit him, and flutters of excitement and yearning took hold in both of us.

Over the last few weeks, we have told some of you about this reality, and Rigel has told every person he speaks to. But, now it is time for us to officially announce that:

A new Al-Bjaly will be joining our family at the end of this year! In case you couldn’t tell by my quick weight gain, and overly emotional and tired self, I am pregnant, and couldn’t be more thrilled.

The baby’s due date is December 2, 2016.

It was hard for us not to be pregnant when we desired it, but even with my limited understanding, I see God’s wisdom in it. Kamren, my youngest, still needs that tender, loving, ever watchful attention. He is a special child in many ways – and some of those ways have made him a more challenging child. I am grateful he will be older when his little brother or sister is born. I am also grateful I was able to participate in our church’s musical Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Had I been big and pregnant, I would not have been able to be a part of it, at least not in the capacity I was in.

We are so grateful for this blessing of a fourth baby. Our children are so excited, especially Rigel, who tells everyone he sees, “My mommy has a baby in her tummy.” I am excited to see Rigel in an active big brother role.

I am also so thrilled that so many of my friends are having babies in the latter part of this year. Something about being pregnant together brings women closer.

My ultrasound to confirm due date was today, and Jad and I held hands peacefully as we got our first glimpses of our sweet baby. He/she was bouncing up and down in the womb. We laughed and knew that was definitely something our child would do.

Here are some photos for your enjoyment:

baby 12wks_1baby 12wks_5baby 12wks_3baby 12wks_2

As I saw my baby, I was quietly reminded of the true miracle of conceiving, growing, and birthing a child. God designed this, and there is nothing I can do that is more sacred. I am so honored at this privilege and responsibility.

It was a special moment as I showed some of the pictures to my children.


Wow, we are going to have four children before Christmas! And, even if it is another boy, we will still be completely in love!


Thank you for sharing!


  1. Anonymous

    Yay. Congrats cuz

  2. Beth White

    Congratulations ! You both are such great parents and friends. Vi am so happy for you.

  3.'Amanda Terry

    Congratulations!! We are due the end of November!! So fun!


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